January 3, 2015

Garcinia Cambogia Extract-Commander in the Fight against Obesity

Garcinia_cambogia2In this modern world all of us are becoming extremely conscious about looks. Just imagine a man with wrinkled face, fat belly, extra large thighs and overloaded arms. Well nobody wants that kind of look. And the only reason for all the above symptoms is obesity. Obesity has increased quiet extensively during this period of time and the main reason behind all this is the lifestyle. Doctors have invented a very effective supplement to fight obesity using the natural components such as Garcinia Cambogia extract. It is nothing but the pulp of a fruit Garcinia Cambogia mostly grown in tropical areas of Latin America.

The Fruit Description

Garcinia_cambogia1One can find advertisement of supplements that are created by Garcinia Cambogia extract. Even one can find doctors preaching on obesity take the name of this particular supplement. It is purely natural that helps extensively to fight weight loss. Made from tamarind fruit, that looks like a tiny pumpkin but has proved to be a grape fruit on nutritional values. It contains a unique ingredient that is hydroxyl citric acid. This particular chemical also known as HCA for short have an undisputed power of burning the fat that gets stored in various body parts of an obese man.

Points to be noted

While purchasing one should keep in mind that these supplements are quiet rich in anti oxidants and that surely means that the supplements have to be fresh. Anti oxidants compels the supplements to get spoiled and loose its qualities. This is the main reason why all the individual fear to by this supplement from online sites but they can stay calm as the products are delivered at their addresses directly from the manufacturer. The advantage of purchasing the product online is that you get a fresh bottle. It is extremely necessary on customer’s behalf to look into the product while purchasing from the store because some reports show that some of the stores have recently get arrested due to piracy for this supplement, selling the product with added fillers. Amazon is a good place to look.

Ironic feelings

The study shows that the main reason for the so called diseases, obesity is mental or emotional breakdowns. Some people start taking anti depressant agents in a regular basis which increases the hunger feeling in them. Due to this they start over eating and as a result face obesity and overweight. These supplements that have a pure natural core as known as Garcinia Cambogia extract, increases the serotonin and cortisol levels in the body those claim to control the emotion flow of a man. The most ironic thing about the whole scene is that the person taking anti depression pills start gaining weight and by looking into the discrepancies in his or her physical appearance he enters into extreme depression and panic.

Recent studies have proved the fact that one out of every three adults in America is clinically proved obese. Certain supplements can aid the body in repairing muscle, such as amino acid supplements. With the help of the supplements extracted from Garcinia Cambogia extract and regular exercises one can fight back the problem. It has proved to be one of the safest and effective supplements and one can purchase it online at low rates delivered at your door steps.

October 5, 2014

Benefits of regular exercise on heart health

hearthealth1Starting a regular exercise regimen can be a powerful change that can transform you completely. Time to time research has backed the many benefits of exercise such as improved energy levels, decreased risk of diseases, healthy weight and many more to its credit. Although there is a strong association between being physically active and lowering the risk of disease, many don’t follow an active lifestyle. According to CDC 80% of Americans do not meet the recommended exercise potentially setting themselves up for heart disease and other health issues. Being physically inactive is among the reasons for being overweight and obese which predisposes to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and even certain types of cancer.

How much exercise improves heart health?

The American Heart Association(AHA), Center for Disease Control(CDC) and American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM) recommend at least 30 minutes or more of physical activity as part of healthy living. Moderate physical activity means walking briskly at 3 – 4 miles per hour, running, cycling, swimming etc. If you can dedicate 30 minutes every day or at least 3 times in a week it is a great way to stay active. Luckily, even if you can’t dedicate a chunk of 30 minutes for exercise, you still can stay active by dividing your activity. According to American Heart Association three ten-minute exercises done in different part of the day yields the same benefits as does a three-minute physical activity. Here are some direct benefits of exercise on heart health.

• Opens up blood vessels and improves blood circulation
• Reduces stiffness of aging blood vessels
• Maintains heart rate
• Strengthens heart muscles by improving the arteries around heart muscles
• Regulates blood pressure by regulating the involuntary actions like breathing and heart beat
• Lowers body weight which reduces the stress on heart

Best exercises for better heart health
Aerobic exercises like walking, running, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, dancing and other physical activity that increases your heart rate and respiratory rate bring the best benefits for your heart. Aerobic exercise means exercise that uses oxygen with blood sugar or body fat to produce energy for the body to move. These aerobic exercises challenge your heart to work harder, which requires the heart muscle to work and eventually become stronger.

Brisk walk: brisk_walkWhether you walk fast or slow, walking is a great exercise and it is the most convenient way to get started with a physical activity. It is easy to incorporate everyday heart-healthy exercise regimen. One best way to stay motivated is to walk with a pet, friend or a group. Pedometers and smart phone apps are also available to count the number of steps you take every day. It is recommended that a minimum 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) a day is necessary to stay heart healthy. Research recommends that brisk walking that sweats you out brings the maximum benefits to your heart. Walking about 15- 16 minutes per mile is a moderately-intense walking exercise.

Running: running1Running or jogging is among the popular form of exercise most choose. It is simple and needs no investment other than time and yields best results. As a weight-bearing exercise running also helps to build strong bones besides burning plenty of calories. This activity appeals to most as there are many fun runs, marathons and races planned around it. Running can use about 500-1400 calories per hour depending on your weight and speed.

Cycling: cyclingThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states that cycling on a stationary bike or a casual biking on level terrain, at a speed of 5 to 9 mph, is a moderate-intensity aerobic activity. For a higher intensity workout, try cycling more than 10 mph, mountain bike or participate in races.

Swimming: swimmingSwimming is a great aerobic exercise for those that suffer knee pains. It has no impact on knees and prevents injuries to knees. The Arthritis Foundation recommends swimming as the best exercise for arthritis patients to maintain body weight and health. Besides being an aerobic activity swimming also has other benefits since it works the whole body – arm, abdomen, thighs and foot to get moving.

It is easier to postpone and procrastinate your exercise but once made a habit you will never let go of staying active. Because exercise also induces the production of mood-elevating hormones in your brain, it energizes you and also keeps your spirits high. Remember to warm-up when you start and cool down before ending an exercise. This allows for the body to tune itself to the intensity of physical activity, besides following warm up and cool down steps will help to prevent soreness or injury.


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July 1, 2014

Health Benefits of Yoga

yoga1Yoga is a type of exercise and Hindu spiritual belief that includes meditation, breath control, stretching, and holding specific body postures. It is a common practice all over the world that has earned a good reputation due to its amazing ability to reduce pain and treat a wide range of health conditions without causing side effects. In fact, yoga is so influential that it is recommended for people of all ages and body types to enhance whole body health.

You can increase your body’s flexibility and strength when you practice yoga on a daily basis. The techniques and yoga positions work to increase circulation while easing aches and pains because of how it opens up the body. Scientists recommend yoga to increase physical activity as well as for relaxation and meditation. In fact, many studies have been published on the connection between yoga and meditation on whole body health.

Currently, research is being conducted on how well yoga works to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain in people that suffer from debilitating conditions.

While it may not seem like yoga is very physically demanding, some of the yoga postures can really test your muscles, balance, agility, and internal focus to maintain. This is what makes yoga mentally stimulating as well as being a great way to keep all of your muscles toned and in their best shape ever.

Yoga is identified as a preventative therapy because of its ability to enhance your body’s function, such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels, increasing circulation and the distribution of nutrients throughout the body, and supporting a strong and healthy immune system. Yoga contributes to protecting the body because it works to strengthen the muscles that provide the strength and support for the rest of the body. Researchers are still working to assess just how many health conditions can be treated through the daily practice of yoga.

Not only does yoga improve physical well being but it has been linked to improving psychological health as well. In a 2005 study on those who suffer from anxiety and depression, researchers discovered that practicing yoga improved depression scores by fifty percent, anxiety scores by thirty percent, and overall well-being by sixty-five percent. [1] Since yoga demands a great deal of patient, persistence, quietness, and stillness, it challenges each individual to push themselves mentally and physically to a level of optimum performance.

yoga2Holding a posture for as long as possible tones muscles while stretching out the body therapeutically releases tension and soothes inflammation throughout the body. For those who suffer from chronic pains on a regular basis, yoga may be just what the Doctor recommended to heal yourself of that nagging pain that just won’t seem to go away. When circulation is increased throughout the body, you will notice that minor aches and pains seem to melt away on their own without any other flare ups.

No matter what health condition you suffer from, yoga can help to gradually eliminate your symptoms with ease. Total body well-being can be achieved when all muscles of the body are fully relaxed through this age-old practice. When you are looking for a good work out and escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, look no further than practicing yoga to improve your overall health and well-being.

[1] Harvard_Mental_Health_Letter/2009/April/Yoga-for-anxiety-and-depression